Everyone knows that organizing an Event is not an easy task. There are innumerous actions that must be performed very carefully to have, at the end, a successful Event. Numerous pages (such as a Welcome Page, a Schedule Page, a Page with the Program of the Event, a Contact Page etc.) must be created. Furthermore, registered attendants must be able to submit their works (if the Event allows submission), revise their submissions and change them if necessary, get their works evaluated and receive their certificates. This means that an event management system ought to cope with a great variety of functions, while making them work together to attain their objectives in a transparent way.

Some usual functions in an Event are:

  1. the Chairman/Chairwoman,
  2. the Referees' Coordinator,
  3. the Referees,
  4. the Organizing Committee,
  5. the Scientific Committee,
  6. the Secretary,
  7. the Technical Staff,
  8. the Users.

The Event Management System provides all these functions, together with their specific actions on the system, to make the Event organization as easy as possible. It is also possible to create other functions to provide specific certification. Every action related to the organization of an Event is done within the system (except payments) and the affected functions get the underlying information instantaneously. This means that an Event organization can be done, tipically, with a very small number of people.

The system also allows the criation of pages presenting the Invited Speakers, Round Tables, Short Courses, Workshops, External Payment (paypal©, pagseguro© etc.) and other possible pages related to Event activities. The system can also issue reports about the Event under management.

This system is an initiative of the Institute of Physics, of the University of Brasília, to fill the existing gap in the area of full event organization applications.

This system began to be developed in 2018, by Dr. Olavo L. da Silva Filho, professor of the Institute of Physics of the University of Brasilia. It is always being improved to make event organization an easy and proficuous experience.